Personalized weight care, lasting results

Measured uses modern medicine and personalized care plans to help you lose weight and keep it off.


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More effective than just diet and exercise.

Measured combines diet, movement and, if necessary, prescription medication to get you real results that last.
Diet and exercise only measured -15%

Breakthrough modern medicine backed by experts

GLP-1 Medications
Metabolic Testing & Analysis
Board Certified Physicians
Board Certified Physicians
Reset your metabolic health with clinically-proven treatments that override hunger signals to help you lose weight and keep it off. Combined with lifestyle change, it's the most effective method for long-term weight loss.

Personalized plans for any kind of lifestyle

Group Coaching
Custom Meal Guide
Active Community
Get simple-to-follow and personalized plans that fit your busy lifestyle, all supported by a team of experts there to answer questions and hold you accountable.
Modern Weight Loss

Here for you anytime, anywhere.

A personalized plan and dedicated care team, all accessible at the touch of a finger.

Starting at $78 per month

30-day money-back guarantee

What you get

Personalized Care Plan
Prescription Treatment Plan
Customized Meal Guide
Access to Private Community
Dedicated Care Team
Obesity Physician
Licensed Health Coach
Care Coordinator

Common Questions

Our team is here to answer any questions you might have.
What does the Measured program include?
  • FDA-approved medications (if  appropriate)
  • Video consultations with your doctor
  • Access Measured care team anytime
  • Low-carb meal planner, educational materials and tracking tools
  • Online community support
How is Measured different than others?
  • FDA-approved medications (if appropriate) with personalized support from weight loss experts
  • We're real humans! Measured Care team consists of doctors and dietitians - available to you anytime from your phone
  • Personalized. Our program includes a meal plan, educational content and weekly habits
What states is Measured available in?
Measured is currently available anywhere in the United States. However, we only offer medication and prescription services to customers in the state of California. Customers outside of California can still sign up to receive access to a nutrition plan and behavioral coaching.
Will I be prescribed medications?
If you qualify for the Measured Medical Track, your doctor will discuss your medical history, view your labs, and determine if you are a good candidate for FDA-approved, prescription medication.
How much weight can I use on Measured?
While every person is different and we cannot guarantee results, most Measured members see at least 5% weight reduction in the first 3 months and up to 10% by month 6.
What diet should I follow?
Your health coach will work with you to create a custom diet plan that fits your needs and lifestyle. Each week, you will receive access to a meal plan with delicious recipes tailored to your macros and weekly shopping lists.